1-on-1 with CHI Foundation, Inc. President

16 August 2016

What is your reason for getting up in the morning?

New Website

03 July 2017

Is the Website Completed?
As we've previously mentioned, we are undergoing a complete revamp of the website. At the moment it is quite basic but we are hoping to have a completed website by the end of winter with new exciting features such us Product Sale Online- Fundraiser, blogs, etc., so please bear with us and do keep checking back to see the progress.
If you have queries and would  like to know about our recent or previous programs we have as we are still downloading it here on our website please drop us an email at and we will try to address every possible question.

The Evolution of Caring for Humanity International Foundation, Inc.

16 August 2015

From idea to reality: 

This humble land that opened doors to skilled migrants inspired us to extend our assistance  and care for humanity at a global scale.





Auckland, New Zealand

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